“Look around your world pretty baby, is it everything you hoped it’d be”
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“Look around your world pretty baby, is it everything you hoped it’d be”

About This Project

My work includes simple childlike drawings of a little boy that often appear inside speech bubbles emerging from tall buildings, representing the conversation I want to have. Lyrics from songs frequently appear within these drawings as captions, along with other familiar childhood experiences like ‘Spot The Difference’. The skyscrapers symbolise success and progress and form an ever-growing drawing of a modern world. In the piece Look Around Your World Pretty Baby Is It Everything You Hoped It’d Be? (remake of original from 2001), furniture and walls are used as a canvas for an ongoing drawing representing ongoing life. Various items of stationery on the desk have also been drawn over leaving a white void when removed from their place. These items act as pieces of a puzzle when moved around, enabling audiences to interact with the work to draw them to its content. This piece includes several drawings covering a wide range of issues that reappear in other works.